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The operation of factoring can be defined as: the contract with which an entrepreneur, Yielder or Supplier, transfers or it is obligated to transfer the exclusively and costly by means of transfer of credits to the other subject, called cessionary or Factor, the totality or part of the future credits, deriving from the exercise of the enterprise, towards their own customers, sayings debtors - yielded, obtaining the counterpart in services and/or money. The Factor uses to anticipate in all or part of the yielded credits.

Parts of the contract are, on one side, the society of factoring (FELSINEA FACTOR Srl - the Factor) and, from the other, an enterprise manufacturer of assets or services (supplier of the Industrial Group Maccaferri) which, in the development of its own activity, obtains from the Factor money advances on the commercial invoices, with contextual cession of the right of the rising credit from the same ones. The Factor can reserve the right to accept or reject the credits object than cession, assuming the risk of the insolvency of the yielded debtors (cession pro solute) that is not accepting such risk (cession pro solvendo).

grafico factoring


• It facilitates access to the credit (trusts estimated on the yielded debtor)

• simplifies the management of the Treasury

• Optimization cash flows: Cash on demand thanks to the advance payments

• It eliminates the credit risk (if pro solute)

• It improves the RONA (reducing the “lazy” asset)

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